Lekiddo - 'Many Are Called'

Matt Harrold 20/09/2006

Rating: 2/5

How does the old saying go? If a million monkeys sat at a million typewriters and tapped away for long enough they'd eventually produce the works of Shakespeare. Obviously the monkeys have never had to listen to 'Many Are Called' otherwise they'd have given up a long time ago. This album is living proof that no matter how talented you think you are, if you haven't got an ear for a tune then you'll still sound like the arse of a fat man after last nights curry. Maybe it's a little harsh to say that, but any act who have you thinking Embrace are geniuses when it comes to song writing must be bad, and Lekkido are such an act. It's like Bob Marley's been cloned, minus the talent, and spliced with the musical DNA of Kosheen.

Opening track 'Many Are Called' does sound like some experimental electro-clash but the first line just about blows any credibility out of the water: "I found and planted a seed/Sprinked it with our joy and gave it to the earth's belly". Someone obviously went to the kindergarten school of writing lyrics because it doesn't seem to get any better from then on in: 'The Café' is the poor man's Streets with the chorus "This Café is a loving café, I said yeah!" before mentioning something about the lobsters walking. Yes, you read right, lobsters… The only possible conclusion is that Lekkido are in fact a pair of students, making music pissed whilst trying to pull of the biggest practical joke in the world by getting someone to buy this record. Anyhow, digressions aside, 'Many Will Come' is a schizophrenic attempt at creating music, seemingly trying to be the jack of all trades and truly being the master of none. Even at the best moments there are just too many effects and samples trying to clamour for your attention, pulling you in about five different directions. If only they'd decided to stick to a handful of ideas then it might have worked, although anyone who can't make even basic electronica sound good might well be a lost cause. Maybe the album doesn't make sense because this reviewer isn't sitting down after a ten hour dope-smoking session. Not that he's going to try because listening to 'Many Are Called' all the way through is enough induce psychosis without the Class C drugs.

On the brighter side the CD makes a good tea coaster.