Jet - Jet Put their Money where their mouths are.

Bill Cummings 30/08/2006

Retro Rockers Jet release their suprisingly falscetto led new Single “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” (released 18th September 2006.)The Second Album “Shine On” follows close behind on the 2nd October 2006.
You can watch their new video here:

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Jet follow up their multi million selling but totally rubbish debut album, “Get Born”, with “Shine On."

Recorded in Barbados, Massachusetts and Los Angeles with super-producer Dave Sardy (the man behind “Get Born” as well as records by Oasis, Primal Scream, Dirty Pretty Things), Apparently "Shine On” is feral rock 'n' roll at it's very best, coming on like a hard rock Banana Splits after being acid spiked by Angus Young whilst cruising at 38 thousand feet, freak flag loosely tied to the back. " Cor that sounds different to their debut album then.