Los Salvadores - Excerpt From A Ward

Owain Paciuszko 09/02/2009

Rating: 3/5

Opening with a menacing synth growl before fying off to scattershot math-rock territory with nu-metal skirmishes, opening track Act II is an okay start to this three-track; with nice a flow of music and memorable lyrics, it's let down by its crisp clear production.

Seasons thunders ahead and thus loses a lot of impact because of its clutter of noise, there's a really nice Spanish-sounding guitar break and occasionally the drum-beat hits ska time and the song picks up flavour in a kind of Gogol Bordello-lite fashion.

With mandolin and Madness style organ Still Superstition plays up the earlier suggestions of ska and gypsy, but has redundant lyrics sung in occasioanlly off-putting nasal sneer. The record almost closes excellently with a nimble-fingered piano line but then the song jumps back again with - what should be explosive and pleasant surprise - but it just sits awkwardly and scuppers a good close to a so-so mini-EP.