DJ Q featuring MC Bonez - You Wot!

Alex Skinner 21/07/2008

Rating: 2/5

I beg your pardon, You Wot! You Wot? Exactly. Upon hearing the cumbersome, novelty single from star spinner DJ Q it's abundantly clear these boys must run a muck across the lush sands of Ayia Napa to Chavos (Type O; *Kavos). They're so good at getting pissed British holiday revellers moving like puppets, they make it seem like a hobby.

You wot!? Ok, Ok, DJ Q looks like he has some mad skills on the decks spinning, tweaking and sampling. Loaded with seven, SEVEN?, that's correct, seven versions of the track just so you get the picture. DJ Q is leading the baseline scene, where to, I don't know. He can be seen on myspace/djqonline doing his thing.