Lucius - Enemy

Richard Wink 08/03/2010

Rating: 1.5/5

There is something significant that I can't fathom about Lucius (aka Luke Morgan); for one thing he doesn't really exert enough energy during 'Enemy'. I would assume that Lucius is looking to find that balance between aggression and emotion in his vocals, but he lies in the middle ground, hiding behind the tame beats, plain synths and needling guitars.
Almost as if he is holding something back. Why the hell would he be doing that? He's singing about living with the enemy, and that mysterious nemesis known as 'the man'. So, he should be pissed, right? Practically spitting down the mic, grabbing the stand hard as if he is throttling somebody's throat, getting intense, in that insane place that Mike Tyson got to when he was in his prime (i.e. before the domestic violence) and showing the kind of intensity in his performance that Henry Rollins did in Black Flag back in the day.

Puzzling, I'm actually getting pretty frustrated listening to this single, because it could have been so much better, if only Lucius would have drank a six pack of Red Bull before he went into the studio and recorded this track with a bit of feist. Instead he went in timid, probably after a yoga session and delivered this half arsed rendition of anger.