Norah Jones - Sinkin' Soon

Paul Cook 01/04/2007

Rating: 3/5

The second release from the platinum-selling album “Not Too Late” is somewhat of a showcase for Norah Jones' delectable voice. Light and delicate piano accompaniment, subtle strings and nostalgic additions lend themselves to a rich, definitively rustic sound. Difficult to pinpoint, Sinkin Soon' is somewhere between speakeasy jazz and soulful

Instrumentals entwine beautifully with each other and the relaxed, raw Jones vocals compliment them with ease. 'Sinkin' Soon' isn't every bit as soulful as “Sunrise” and not quite as quaint as “Come Away with Me” but still feels and sounds wholly original. Reinforcing the argument that Norah Jones, almost single-handedly has re-invented and re-energised the Jazz scene.

Released: 26/03/2007