MPD - Fruits of the Forest Ep

Matt Harrold 04/02/2008

Rating: 2/5

In quoting Radiohead as an influence any artist should keep in mind the track Anyone Can Play Guitar. What they forgot to do is follow up with a track entitled But Not Everyone Can Sing a point that seems to be lost on MPD's first Ep Fruits of the Forest. The problem being is that whilst MPD isn't completely tone deaf he does tend to stray into Danny Mcnamara territory. Yes, when the first thought that springs to mind is the front man of Embrace you wonder if a whip around for vocal coaching is in order.

Falling in Love, break ups and the up side of change are the orders of the day here in a mostly acoustic affair. Even under the jangles and the feed back on Refrain it's obvious that it's all bells and whistles on top of a folk track cross dressing it's way into trying to pass as more angsty then it actually is. Not that it's all bad news, if it wasn't for MPD's vocals there is the beginning of a half decent melody on The First Time. Though it still doesn't stop it feeling like someone with a passing interest in Ed Harcourt and Neil Young is trying to move beyond the open mic night at the local pub.