We Are Enfant Terrible - Wild Child

Rachel Miele 08/12/2010

Rating: 4/5

There's something about this single that's quite French.... Oh, they are actually French! We are Enfant Terrible are the brainchild of two guys, a girl and a Nintendo. Formed not so long ago in 2008; aah the year of S├ębastien Tellier... the trio have grown in popularity ever since. After the leg-up which was a support slot for Peaches, tons of people were quickly introduced to their electro mix of indie-rock, synthpop and 8bit.

Wild Child sounds like someone took The Kills to a kid's party, filled them up with E-numbers and threw them in a studio with a Game Boy and a sexy French accent. The incessant 'popping' sound unfortunately conjures up memories of a certain song about popcorn, but allow yourself to overlook it and accept the fantastic, raw, electronic sounds gracing your ears.

Their accessible mix of indie-electronica gives Wild Child a Kitsune compilation feel without alienating the strict non-dance fan. I don't know about anyone else but Wild Child will definitely be featuring heavily on my Christmas party playlists.

Wild Child is released this week.