The Tupolev Ghost - Mini album

Marcus Warner 22/02/2009

Rating: 4/5

The beauty of influential bands is often not that they produce many similar 'frogspawn' bands in their wake, for they are the chaff. The real beauty and influence is when you hear good bands take part of what made the influential band great and take it on another stage, or add a twist of new direction or perspective. In the case of At the drive In, influential band par excellence, see The Tupolev Ghost; who are taking the template laid out by ATDI and taking it in new and exciting directions.

The taut and angular riffs, the 'are they out of tune or cool and discordant?' vocals and the ability to inject that sense of drama into post-hardcore really allow you to be praiseworthy of The Tupolev Ghost's mini-album. You can also hear within the miasma of influences the sounds of Les Savy Fav, Make Believe and British bands like Kids Near Water and Scuttle.

This reviewer is a sucker for organic, regional accents, and it's good to hear The Tupolev Ghost sound British; indeed at times the vocals are reminiscent of Frank Turner in his Million Dead days. Track 5 (note to PR, track listings are a good idea!) is the stand out track for myself, weaving intricate riffs into the skin tight, caustic rocking out; a fantastic 'Fell asleep at your door/I been drinking forever' vocal refrain clinches the deal. Tupolev Ghost suit the mini album format with aplomb, I implore you all to check it out.

Release date: 30/03/09