Manda Rin - DNA

Simon Jay Catling 25/08/2008

Rating: 2.5/5

There's something infinitely catchy about the debut solo outing from ex-Bis member Manda Rin which snugs up into your brain and lodges itself there as comfortably as a gold medal does around a Jamaican sprinter's neck. Because as much as the keyboard of an appallingly pre-judgemental yours truly was about to type 'DNA' into a quivering, sobbing mess hiding somewhere under the table in a corner; there's something preventing this from happeniMaybe it's the minimal but infectious percussion, allowing the bleeping and burbling synths to dictate the pace of this three and a half minute electro throwback of a tune, yet always sitting just in the background to keep prodding it along a little. Maybe it's the unbelievably banal yet relentless hook of the chorus, “I make the same mistakes, I work hard every day, it's in the DNA”. I don't know what it is; by rights I should be hating this, there's no denying that it isn't the best single to come out of the electro-pop genre this year and that a full album's worth of this would be enough for me to slice my ears off with a roughly hewn stone age flint and bury them deep under mount Snowdonia in the hope that Manda Rin wouldn't find them again. But for three and a half minutes? Yeah, go on then.

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