Koufax - Isabelle

Liam McGrady 04/08/2006

Rating: 2/5

There's something about this record that I don't like. I think it's to do with the uneasy mix of generic guitar/piano led Pop and quirkiness. Or maybe vocalist Robert Suchan's Mid-West American drawl. Yeah, that's it. It's because 'Isabelle' sounds suspiciously like 'Alas Agnes' by Mystery Jets, because its annoyingly catchy for all the wrong reasons - i.e its about a girl, and the melodies come from the “Catchy Pop Tunes For Beginners” manual - and because I don't like yelpy Americans.

A bit harsh? Yeah maybe, but if the above sounds good to you then you can always go and click the link to their Myspace below; and then come back here and leave a comment - something like “you're a halfwit and an idiot, Koufax are brilliant, stop being such a miserable f*?ker” will probably do it.

'Isabelle' is out now. The album 'Hard Times Are In Fashion' follows on the 7th August; both on Rubyworks.

Koufax Website