Joan As Police Woman - Real Life

Louise Evans 30/07/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

Coming between summer festival appearances and the recording of the next album, the release of limited edition single 'Real Life' is a parting shot from Joan As Police Woman's debut album of the same name. With only gentle accompaniment, Joan Wassner's voice is made the main draw in this long-distance love story.

A simple piano progression, joined finally by a touch of strings, never threatens to overpower Wassner's soft vocals or to distract the listener from the tale. On top of this tender backdrop her slightly faltering voice pulls you in, increasing the level of intimacy of this already highly personal song. Every detail of the sending of a letter to a lover becomes infused with extra significance and meaning mirroring the importance of the note.

'Real Life' is a perfect example of an extremely well-crafted song which, even without any suggestion of needing to build to an emotional peak or to meddle with the songs' slow pace, manages to be both beautiful and powerfully heartfelt.