William - Aperture/Five Minute Wonder

David Segurola 22/05/2006

Rating: 4/5

An “Aperture”, as far as I'm aware, is a small gap - the tiny slit through which you see William's subtle fury, like watching riots on mute. “Nobody talk and nobody move/ This is a residential area/ We fall asleep in front of the TV/ And dress ourselves in cheap labour” lead vocalist Gavin Housley sarcastically emcees between the song's virile bursts of take-it-or-leave-it de-tuned angular guitar pop, screeching and wailing with the sense of blood, sweat and tears promised. “Aperture” is a simple, powerful, guitar pop song tainted with sharp sarcasm and a clever, likeable, danceable work ethic.

“Five Minute Wonder”, on the other hand, is one big gorgeous sweeping chord change, switching easily between classic rock and roll and jerky art-pop. Finally Housley cries: “I knew a girl/ She was a teenage sweetheart/ She was one of those, she didn't wanna know… I wrote poetry, she didn't listen” and the song tears off into a frenetic climax as he wails and jerks.

With this double a-side, William have released two unassuming, unpretentious songs of great potential. Neither feel the need to beg out raucous hyperbole or ridiculous over-exaggeration, but simply deliver deftly executed guitar cacophony amongst well-played, catchy rhythm and bass.