The Hangover

Alex Skinner 26/06/2009

Rating: 2.5/5

Coming from the 'Frat Pack' school, The Hangover nails dumb comedy to a Las Vegas flag pole and swings it around violently.

The opening shot we start out with most of the gang, all without the groom Doug. When we flash back two days to their road trip to Vegas for a bachelor party where we meet the gang.

1. Groom Doug who plays the everyman (Or the Mitch Martin seen in Old School role).
2. Schoolteacher and maverick smooth talker Phil (The out there Vince Vaughn/Luke Wilson role).
3. Steady, reliable dentist Stu (The worrier, the Kyle from Road Trip).
4. Last but not least Alan who holds the film together like really strong cement (The Will Ferrell mentalist role).

Sporting a Joaquin Pheonix beard Zach Galifianakis steps up the role of the crazed, insane and generally special character greatly. A joy to watch so far this is the kind of film that made John Belushi a true force to be reckoned with. He plays the clueless, special guy who holds the character well for a more sincere feel. He also pulls the best comedy lines also throughout.

The film roars through comic situations, this is just what happens in Vegas when you get drunk. It is a crazy place and where these type of madcap things can happen. Phew. It is comedy a mile a minute there. It is wild. Raaaarrr.

This is a slick production. This is shot with great quality, it's well edited making this Road Trip mad adventure all work out. Even when some of the script goes wayward, comedy situations bring it back around for it's audience.

It would have been super to see some of the happenings of the bachelor party instead of piecing together all the incidences, this feels like an opportunity missed. We have a perfectly executed pull back and reveal in place that keeps you watching. I wasn't convinced by the film but, it did provide solid comedy entertainment. That's until everything worked out and lived happily ever after. The conventional ending is what satisfies this particular audience of non thinkers. You can just sit without thinking at all.

The storyline is a definite bi-product of a Judd Apatow film warehouse whereby actors were chosen to fill the usual roles. They managed to make the roles halfway convincing, therefore the film hits the mark for its target audience.

Todd Phillips has certainly stuck to what he knows best. Be sure to keep track of his future exploits in the next couple of years. This includes 'Old School: Dos'.

"It's not on par with Wedding Crashers, but it's a good laugh". Andy Roddick on preparing for his first round match by watching the film The Hangover.

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