C-Jags - Sandy

Thomas 12/09/2005

Rating: 3/5

A sub-Strokes take on Blondie, this zips along nicely but fails to weave the tight jeans/loose hips cool of the former or the acid-tongued pop magic of the latter. An interesting breakdown reminiscent of the Police is offest by a predictable chord change in the chorus, and the end result is catchy but insubstantial.

B-side 'Putty Boy' is far better, a repeated bassy thwack underpinning a solid thrash through sexy, scuzzy indie rock, like Supergrass curling their lip at a passing lady. “You can mold me any way you please/ dress me up in a uniform,” is all good and with splendid Oooh's as well, this single's the wrong side up.