Hundred Reasons - I'll Never Know

Craig Broad 30/04/2009

Rating: 2/5

It's 2002 and Hundred Reasons have just released 'Ideas Above Our Station'. Critical acclaim follows as the album reached number six on UK charts, Kerrang release an issue with Hundred Reasons part fronting the issue, Kerrang claiming that 'they are spear heading a whole new assault on the music industry, a British assault and they are soon to be one of the biggest bands in Britain.' Fast forward to 2009 and Hundred Reasons haven't even come close to fulfilling the prophecy created for them. The follow up to their debut album, 'Shatterproof Is Not a Challenge' was a superior album, but underachieved and led to them being dropped from their record label, Columbia. Two albums have been released since via V2 records but the decrease in performance positions has been extremely obvious from anyone's viewpoint and when V2 Records were bought by Universal, Hundred Reasons found themselves once again without a label and despite the fact that their latest album 'Quick The Word, Sharp The Action' has already been out for two weeks, Hundred Reasons had to find a way to buy back the record so that it could be re-released.

'I'll Never Know' is ultimately, the second single release from an album re-mastered and re-released but was it worth their time? Originally, being a fan of Hundred Reasons, it would be easy to slap a great review on this download single, write a few words of congratulations and be done with it but despite how painful it may be due to nostalgia, it just cannott and shouldn't be done. 'I'll Never Know' isn't a terrible track, it's just painfully dull and predictable in every way and if you ever needed a reason for Hundred Reasons dwindling sales, 'I'll Never Know' is just that. Average and uninspired at best which given the zest og 'Ideas Above Our Station' and 'Shatterproof Is Not a Challenge' is just offensive. Hundred Reasons, give us a break and start living up to the promise you originally showed.