Lucky Twice - Lucky

Matt Clutton 11/09/2007

Rating: 4/5

Sweden is famous for many things, but nothing more so musically than a wealth of creative talent in the Euro-pop department.

Emerging as front runners in the styled pop music genre in the early seventies, popularised by the world's biggest Euro-pop outfit ABBA, generations of Swedes and indeed much of the world have grown up influenced by the genre's infectiously catchy beats, slick songs and frothy lyrics.

Lucky Twice are two young Swedish beauties buoyed by these influences. Sharing a mutual passion for singing and song writing and a love for the genre, they have penned their debut release 'Lucky'. Charged with a strong bass/drum beat, a series of plucky synthesizer riffs and rapid synthesizer arpeggios, the melody driven nature of this track wins through. It mixes all the finest qualities of modern European pop music, being somewhere between the stylistic qualities of Euro-pop/ Euro-dance and the quirkier nature of Eurovision.

In short, 'Lucky' is a catchy track that has seen significant success across Europe that will soon envelope the remainder of the continent with similar gusto.

Released on 17/09/2007