Superkings - Hit The Ground Running/Wolves and Ravens

Emily Tartanella 18/06/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

Opener “Hit the Ground Running” from Superkings is, what's the word? Boring. It's nice enough, it floats and flutters and acts all bashful, and then it's gone. With a chorus less memorable than the dialogue in Transformers, “Hit the Ground Running” had thoroughly ruined my faith in a band that put an Anais Nin quote on their CD jacket.

But thank god for “Wolves and Ravens,” a song that sounds like Johnny Cash round housing Bob Dylan before beating up Dan Bern, and then bonding over their shared love of all things awesome. Few bands have the charisma to pull off such a radical about-face, but Superkings make it seem not only plausible but laudable. Boys, ditch the A-side and flip the record - let the “Wolves and Ravens” play.