F451 - The Battle Ground is Everywhere.

Matt Harrold 11/02/2007

Rating: 3/5

Comparing yourself to the greats like RATM and the Manic St Preachers is a dangerous game to play when you're just starting out. You'd better have the goods to back your rhetoric up or your going to be in for the arse whooping of your life. Especially from the critics who will soon chop any band down to size claiming to be the next best thing unless without the balls to prove it.

Which is where Fahernheit451 and their brand of political indie punk step in. Yes they've got the energy, yes they have the passion and even the Johnny Rotten style vocals to make you know what's going down. Sadly though what they haven't got is either RATM's lyrical poetry nor the Manics ability to re-work older influences into vitriolic punk pop. Instead they've got the potential to maybe in a few years with a bit more writing experience under the belt, to come back with something truly impressive.