Gym Class Heroes - As Cruel As Schoolchildren

Ross Drummond 07/07/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

Gym Class Heroes have been pedalling their wears for quite some time now, with the song 'Cupid's Chokehold' having been in circulation for a good while after durfacing first on their debut album 'The Papercut Chronicles' back in 2005. Now that the media have taken notice through hard work and a little help from their label boss Pete Wentz. Gym Class Heroes are getting the credit that they deserve.

First off, an iffy decision to have each track after a period during a school day.. see it ties in with the album title!.. oh you clever kids! And the fact that their lead single off the record just so happens to be about MySpace... one of the worst premises for a song in a while, though it will be added to a number of profiles no doubt. Maybe they are clever after all.

Gym Class Heroes is hip hop for the punk rock and emo kids and for anyone who spends more time sitting in front of a computer than on 20”s, raps about google searches, sidekick mobiles, getting dumped online and being picked on at high school. Bbacked by a real band with samples from label mates such as Fall Out boy and Panic! at the Disco, catchy hooks are never far away.

For something that could come off as a gimmick for all those white and nerdy kids (including myself) who were looking for a proper hip hop band to relate to, Gym Class Heroes are clever, even if Tom from Wigan who loves strawberry pop tarts and studded belts think they totally R0X0R, don't be put off. Behind the gimmicks is a band that should be taken seriously.