Jack Butler - Boy vs. Beast/Surgery 1984

Matt Churchill 01/08/2007

Rating: 4/5

The next in a long line of indie thrashers from Scotland, Jack Butler are a foursome who have enjoyed airplay from their native country's best new music station Xfm. And no wonder why.

This double A-side release which will be available via download or a limited CD release shows sign of great promise. First track Boy vs. Beast opens with a Razorlight-esque 'In The Morning' feel to it and progresses into a Franz Ferdinand covered pop song that swoops and swerves from high to low dynamically. Second track Surgery 1984, is a more musically challenging track and throws in bits of Editors shrilled heavily reverbed guitars and Interpol-ish thick vocals. This song is pretty much a hybrid of the two bands BUT, Jack Butler take that hybrid, add a sprinkling of themselves and all of a sudden the song sounds quite unique.

The double release is available from August 13 and I highly suggest that they are included in any 'top ten bands to myspace' lists in the upcoming weeks, they may just wriggle through to accomplish more mainstream radioplay in the future.

Released 13/08/07