Fishbone - Still Stuck In Your Throat

Paul Cook 23/01/2007

Rating: 4/5

Fishbone have firmly established themselves as one of the most hectic, chaotic and trend-setting bands on the scene and their new album 'Still stuck in your throat' attempts to bring as much of this chaos to you as possible. A frankly strange mixture of tracks including outright heavy rock, jazzy, Jamaican ska-punk and funk metal make up the album, not all to my personal taste but nevertheless infamously different and like nothing you've heard before.

The high tempo and pounding rhythm of the album is difficult to listen to at times if you're trying to relax and the style can be best described as music ideal for backing music to extreme sports videos or video games. However, some of the tracks are incredibly catchy and rhythmic with an infectious chorus or two from lead singer Angelo Moore. The trumpets and trombones add a lively edge and atmosphere to most of the tracks especially 'faceplant scorpion backpinch' and 'Behind closed doors'.

The opening two tracks 'Jack ass Brigade' and 'Let Dem Ho's Fight' are examples of the incredibly different sounds that this diverse, alternative band are capable of producing, 'Jack Ass Brigade' demonstrating the band's punk and ska roots and ' Let Dem Ho's Fight' showing that they can really crank up the volume and ferocity of their music when they want to. I am genuinely intrigued to know what this band, who have supported acts like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and starkly different Beastie Boys on tour, are like when performing live.

'Still stuck in your throat' is seriously high-adrenaline, genre-shredding musical talent on display in 12 tracks of ultimately unique jazz/punk/ska/metal that if not already, will change the way you think about the apparently huge divides between musical genres.