Ewen Hosie 28/10/2006

Rating: 2/5

Playing with conventions of the time-travel subgenre, Click fails in its attempts to make a mark with any sense of grace.
The gimmick of its 'universal remote control' which allows protagonist Michael Newman (Sandler) to fast-forward the dull routine of his office job and trying family with a selfish glee is a clever one, with the obligatory catch stemming from he fact that he cannot rewind or undone the events that have occurred in his physical absence. This leads to much moral posturing as Newman learns that the remote's control on his life turns him first into a general non-entity to his family, then a corporate monster and finally just monstrously overweight.

Smirks can be found in the off-kilter casting of Christopher Walken (paying the bills) as a re-hash of the Dean Stockwell character in Quantum Leap, and David Hasselhoff as Newman's smarmy boss, but overall Click represents a misstep that doesn't allow the cinemagoer to rewind their lost two hours.