The Electric City - Dark Skies

Beckie Jordan 16/02/2008

Rating: 4/5

The Electric City's 18 month lifespan have certain made them popular among the grandads of music. Rogey Daltrey, personally asked them to open for The Who and they have also toured alongside The Cribs, Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs.

However, the release of Dark Skies, really brings their talent to the forfront of todays music scene. With an agressive and highly charged opening, Dark Skies is truly a storm of high powered guitars and blistering vocals. For a band so young, they really are on top of their game, with slick production and tight rhythms. There is a distinctive punk/grunge element, reminiscent of Muse and Joy Division,which is suprisingly refreshing and different. These guys are just doing their thing. And doing it well.

The single is avalible for download now on Itunes and at the bands Myspace and released commercially on the 10th March.