Redtrack - Pole Dancer / Addicted To Lust

Helen Newbery 20/05/2009

Rating: 2/5

It's difficult to trust the motives of an unknown band releasing a single (or, as in this case, a double A-side) “featuring” a more famous name. Presumably, the intended effect is the acquisition of increased record sales and/or status via association. However, as with RedTrack, and Pete Shelley, when The Name's duties are seemingly limited to backing vocals and “co-arrangement” it's hard not to feel slightly sullied by the understanding.

Hearing first track 'Pole Dancer' is unlikely to make the listener feel any cleaner. It's a sub-Libertines meditation on the old tart-with-a-heart chestnut: “You're only half-dressed but I know you're not stupid”. This is actually about as incisive as the lyrics get, and as they're interspersed with the other band members (Shelley, perhaps?) shouting “Oi” at regular intervals, even these seem to suggest a painful genesis. The whole enterprise isn't exactly helped by singer Billy Wright's limited vocal range, so by the time he has intoned “I want to die” three times, you begin to agree with him.

The second track 'Addicted to Lust' is scarcely better. Although its bass line is a little more muscular, the track is still rather plodding, with the presence of a large number of “Woah-oh-ohs” suggesting that they've plundered their limited lyrical store-chest already.