Spring Offensive - Pull Us Apart

Craig Broad 16/02/2010

Rating: 3/5

Spring Offensive are a band who first caught my eye with their self released EP last year, that happened not only to be hugely promising but also garnered great reviews and eventually sold out, something that is relatively unheard of from small bands and shows what a following they actually have. The new year then, brings something that I was begging for at the end of 2009, a mini album from Spring Offensive.

Much like the EP, 'Pull As Apart' is accessible indie pop, its edgy and different enough to perhaps not be openly commercial but at the same time still urging to be accepted in the likes of publications like NME. Opening track 'I Found Myself Smiling' is dark and haunting in its guitar work and a really understated way of starting an album, most albums begin in a full steam ahead fashion, Spring Offensive seem happy to just draw you in and force you to listen closely from the first moment. Lead single 'Every Coin' is a standout track starting with minimal drums and claps while Lucas Whitworths intelligent stories involve your brain before the melodies subside and a jagged distorted guitar melody comes in. The drumming work really drives this track and makes it an anthem that will be clapped along with in the near future I am sure. 'The Cable Routine', my favourite song from the previous EP has found its way onto their debut album and it really deserves to. Its often the case that tracks can't make the transition from an EP to an album and sound out of place but 'The Cable Routine' fits perfectly midway through this record and shows an intimate, emotional side which Spring Offensive rarely seem to offer. 'Everything Other Than This' is full of jagged guitar melodies that you can imagine in early Youthmovies EPs but with the hooks that you could expect to find in their latest and sadly final album.

I must say though, I am not as blown away by 'Pull Us Apart' as I was by their EP. It isn't that there are any bad or even average songs, because there aren't. It is a good solid debut album but in places I just can't feel myself saying that I must listen to it again and even though there are many great vocal and guitar hooks, nothing has stuck into my skull and forced me to play the song in aid of getting it out of my head. However, with Youthmovies now defunct, it would seem fitting that Spring Offensive should take their place because 'Pull Us Apart' is an album of confidence and maturity way beyond their years.

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