The Palpitations - Milk It

Luke Langlands 15/02/2011

Rating: 4/5

Over the last few years, popular music has been stuck on a desert island with no means of escape. This far-away prison may well be called 'Indie Shite Island'. We have been forced to gorge our eardrums on bland, easy jangly guitars amongst a skinny-jean soundscape in order to survive. The Dead Weather and Them Crooked Vultures offered momentary overdriven respite from a monotonous world, but the relief was all too fleeting and far too small in numbers. We have began to crave the snarl and bite of a forgotten past, which was found in abundance in the likes of L7, Jack of Jill and Sonic Youth. Is that a ship on the horizon?

The Palpitations could very well be the gritty lifering for everyone who is sick to death of pointless, nothing music. CPR begins with their new single Milk It.

From the very first distortion-laden bass note, Milk It bathes the listener in a torrent of gorgeous grit and determination. It's a track that holds real depth and texture, along with a lot of balls. It's not just pointless loud noise, either - the lyrics are thoughtful and feel real. The off-rhythm guitar clashes against the bass brilliantly - harking back to Joy Division.There's a fine line between making songs like this and not making it seem like an effort and unnatural, but The Palpitations avoid this. Fifteen years ago there would have been a million Palpitations in every town, trying recreate the sound fitting of Generation X. But in 2011, they are gloriously individual and stand out a mile away from anything else.

The Palpitations have created a track that is a massive slap in the face. It's someone shaking you and saying 'Wake up to real music!' We've been in musical comatose for far too long. Get the growl and thump back into your daily music routine with Milk It.

The Palpitations - Milk It by clubthemammoth