The Human League - Night People

Luke Langlands 01/12/2010

Rating: 3/5

With their first studio album since 2001's Secrets, The Human League are set to release Credo early next year, with Night People being the first single from the long-player.

Lovingly nostalgic whilst also feeling fairly modern and fresh in parts, the track holds the definitive Human League feel. With male/female vocals, thought-provoking lyrics and a gorgeously retro drum synth that sounds like it's came through a time machine, Credo is sure to delight the majority of original fans whilst managing to engage newer ones. There's definitely a feeling of Goldfrapp about three-quarters of the way through, which shows the way the three-piece continues to evolve, yet they retain their recognisable sound. The Human League are like a beleaguered car you've had for years and you still love it to bits, but most people, with their shiny new sports cars don't quite understand the affection. After the (rightly so) critically claimed Dare, The Human League have had a colossus to live up to. It's nice to see they haven't just tried to recreate the 1981 beauty, and dared (har har) to try something a bit different during every subsequent release afterwards. Saying that, there's obvious comparisons between Night People and Sound of the Crowd, but my point is that they're not JUST stuck in the past, which they COULD do and still have a massive fanbase, so fair play to them.

A lovely dangler of things to come that also sets down the parameters of their upcoming album. Night People will infuriate some, but infatuate others. It's out now - and don't write it off before you've properly gave it a listen! Believe it or not, the HAVE released more tracks than Don't You Want Me!!!