Singles Round-Up 10/05/2010

Rhian Daly 13/05/2010

Shhh... I've managed to sneak into Simon Jay Catling's high security singles vault while he's catching 40 winks. We're going to have to be quiet so he doesn't wake up and start trying to decapitate me with his beloved 7s. I hear he's got quite a knack with a frisbee, so I'm a little nervous right now. The things I do for you readers, eh? Thus, this week's singles round-up will be done at a whisper - unless we unearth something so ridiculously fantastic that we forget to care about the danger Old Catling's expert throwing skills pose, that is. Onwards!

Rubicks - Giddy Up

'Over the past few years big names in the fashion industry have maximised on the potential glamour of music... Some collaborations have been dud, failed attempts to seem "on trend", or else clutch at every available aspect of fame. The latest match, however, is an utter success; Valentino's Spring 2010 collection set to Rubicks' future single 'Giddy Up' is flawless. Not only does the track make me want to delve deep into my pockets to purchase something so financially out of range it makes HSBC grimace, it also rockets the quaking London foursome into the sights of hungry fans.'
Read more of Tiffany Daniels' review here

As for the rest of this week's releases, there's some pretty hot stuff available. Let's start with definite contender for Single of the Week, but alas, falling just at the last hurdle - Kelis. Wooo! So Kelis, how does it feel to come so near, yet so far? Not that great? Oh. Shit. Sorry about that. Maybe it'll make you feel better if I tell you 'Acapella' is a pop masterpiece; understated and soulful melodies over some totally lush beats. Yeah? Cool. Glad that's sorted.

Elsewhere, 90s stalwarts turned alphabet lovers Ash have written a song called 'Insects'. Ok. It doesn't seem to be about bugs, mores the pity, rather love or something soppy like that. I'm sure Tim Wheeler's a gentleman really, but if he wrote a song comparing me to creepy-crawlies I'd not be best pleased. Until the trademark Ash chorus of punchy guitars and super sweet melodies kicked in. Then I'd consider forgiving him, but only if he convinced new bandmate Russell Lissack to let me touch his hair.

Hm, seems there's an old 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster record got mixed up in the pile of new releases. Simon really ought to tidy up in here. Wait, what's that? He's mumbling something in his sleep about the Brighton gothabillies being back, back, back and this being their new single. I want to squeal with joy but I fear Simon's already starting to wake. So we'll leave it at this: 'Love Turns To Hate' is a stomping rock anthem with Guy McKnight really packing the punches with that heavenly voice of his.

Garage rocker Dan Sartain is back with newie 'Atheist Funeral', which is all kinds of ace but also reminiscent of something that I can't quite put my finger on. That aside, if there is anyone better at singing the words “come on” than Dan I would like to know about it. Less brilliantly, the England Band (whoever the fuck they may be) have gone and done a cover of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You', which I'm sure if I listened to it would definitely 1000% be Single of the Week. But as it is, I'm unadventurous and wary of my already unstable mindset so you'll just have to find out for yourselves. Airship are also making available a song called 'Algebra' this week, but don't let the title put you off. It's as heartwrenching as doing quadratic equations but in an epic soaring, totally posing way rather than a doomladen failure kind of way. Which is nice.

And, as Simon twitches and mutters something about maths, we come to our Single of the Week. This perhaps would've been my obvious pick had you looked at the list of new releases and then my listening habits over the last four months but sod it. This is the most joyous and brilliantly satisfying thing to have reached my ears during my time in here, who cares if I have already previously pledged my allegiance to the flag? Swoonsome US college indie that wears its heart on its polo shirt sleeve. Earnestly romantic and downright bloody marvellous. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Princeton with 'Shout It Out'.