The Divine Comedy - Diva Lady

Cam 12/06/2006

Rating: 3/5

Neil Hannon and his Divine Comedy have been making records for the past 17 years, so what's new about his latest single? I hear you cry... well, absolutely nothing, just a repetition of old formulas.

Yet, it's not a redundant record; maybe because it's delivered so naturally and with such conviction that it makes you believe that it is carefully planned.

Musically, this is yet another typical Divine Comedy orchestration; this time with well camouflaged Latin influences accompanied by a crisp and impeccable production thanks to Guy Massey, a man who understands perfectly what the band wants and gives a new angle to their music.

Neil Hannon's raconteuresque lyrics are about; you guessed it, a diva lady.

That, he explains, is a result of looking over his wife's shoulder at Heat magazine, so this is yet another story about the ever-growing celebrity world.

'It has a lot to do with peoples misplaced, idiotic fascination with the breed.' he says, and truly enough, Neil has never been a celebrity, just one of many cult heroes who may or may not be expecting commercial success (this single entered in at #52 on the UK charts, the worst placed Divine Comedy single ever).
The b-side is called 'Don't Blame the Young' and, quite frankly, Neil starts to sound like an old man, which is maybe what his style has always been about.

This could be a transitional period for The Divine Comedy, the fans are certainly not tired of the good old pop tunes, but with the general public turning their backs on this experienced band one can only wonder, how long will it last?.