MIT - Deine Eltern

Paul Deacon 01/05/2006

Rating: 4/5

MIT are German electro, noise punks, “Deine Eltern” is their debut single, no idea what is means or indeed what they are shouting about, but sometimes that doesn't matter and certainly in this case it definitely doesn't. All we need
to know is can we dance, go mental to it and the answer is a resounding yes.

”Deine Eltern” starts off like some deranged metal band but one that sounds good, heavy distorted bass and livid drums are dominant throughout, it effortlessly sweeps from verses to chorus's and before you know it, it ends leaving you excited, every so slightly hot and bothered, in fact you are
anxiously realise you've just found out that your new favourite band is German. Yet you've no idea what it all means, both in terms of the actual lyrical content and
the fact it's not the Artic Monkey's singing about Sheffield, which maybe you can loosely relate to, you are lost, perplexed. Oh no we have indeed got ourselves in to a right mucking fuddle; nobody will ever understand you now.

Never mind, fear not as this single comes with 2 other high quality tracks to ram home your initial instincts yes MIT are in fact very good, but wait we get treated to remixes as well, both of which are a treat. Go buy this surprise yourself and baffle your friends, yes you do like German electro noisy punk music and you don't care who knows about it.