The Dodgems - You're Not What You Used To Be

Matt Churchill 23/07/2007

Rating: 3/5

The Dodgems have sprung up from Arctic Monkey territory and look set to do their best to join Alex Turner and co on the national conscience. 'You're Not What You Used To Be' is a riotous affair with raging guitar riffs and a big bluesey rock and roll sound that is more like the Kings Of Leon than their Sheffield brethren.

This download only single comes complete with b-side 'Swings And Roundabouts', a buoyant number with twinkly piano and shifts in dynamic that allow the band to experiment with their voice. This is arguably the more experimental of the two songs which finishes with a section, possibly from a demo, that demonstrates that the group have many more tricks up their sleeve than the a-side would lead you to believe.

Currently supporting Jet-alikes The Checks, The Dodgems have a glorious opportunity to raise their profile. If they can explore the more intricate and untried side of their ideas, they've got a good chance of making the most of that chance and becoming more than an average rock and roll band.