Infrasound - Out Of Order

Chris Yau 23/01/2006

Rating: 1/5

'Out of Order' is the debut offering from this five piece from Leeds. Infrasound combine swirling, dreamy keyboards with fuzzy guitar hooks. This isn't to say that they echo anything like shoe-gazing legends, My Bloody Valentine. Nor do they borrow the pop sensibilities from fellow neighbours, the ' Chiefs. However, this isn't to say that their songs aren't catchy. Some are at least. But if you're on a quest to search for musical similarities, then you must journey south to Manchester. Infrasound sound like a guitar-heavy New Order, with vocals much like Doves singer, Jimi Goodwin.

Unfortunately for Infrasound, most of the tracks all sound the same. There are some highlights to this distinctly average album, mind. The opener, 'Final Warning', manages to maintain a memorable melody. Something you could hum-along to. Similarly, the other stand-out track is one which slightly more memorable than the others. 'Deerhunter' does justify those New Order comparisons, although lyrically, there is much to be desired. Singer, John Walker, professes “I want to be electricity” and that the air that he breathes doesn't taste good. Every first form English teacher's worst nightmare. Unsurprisingly, these two songs were chosen as singles.

With the exception of those two singles, all the songs merge into one boring mass of guitar orientated hogwash. Lyrically, 'Out of Order' is pointless and horrendous as a whole. Musically, it's boring and lifeless. Infrasound will certainly have to improve on this next time round. That is assuming they get an opportunity to do so.