Late Of The Pier - Bathroom Gurgle

Bill Cummings 17/11/2008

Rating: 4/5

Late of the Pier re-release a new Erol Alkan-produced version of their debut single originally out in limited numbers on Moshi Moshi back in October '07. You know a band are making significant inroads when the label gives the nod to an old re-release.I usually cast a disapproving gaze at bands like The Killers and Kaiser Chiefs who re-released their debut single multiple times once they'd broken. But for LOTP you can understand why this is coming out again, beyond the lazy Klaxons comparisons, only now are they getting the attention they deserve, sterling previous singles 'The Bears are Coming' and 'Heartbeat' have made a dent in people's ear drums. This release will only enhance that burgeoning reputation. Displaying their knack for creating futuristic patchworks, electro collisions harnessing samples, beats and vocals more successfully than Doc utilised the flux capacitor in Back to the Future. You see Late of the Pier have that rare thing: the imagination, skill, and an unrestrainable spirit for playful, unexpected melodies lacking in many of the UK's more successful acts.

Bathroom Gurgle is barking genius, at first it burbles, scratches and beats out a path on the red carpet, before gyrating, propelling itself onto the dance floor like a filthy party anthem in microcosm, the stabby synths of Devo doing 'The Time Warp' ('put your hands on the baseline'). Before the whole darn edifice collapses into a swirl of blinding lights, shutter guitar chords and high-pitched notes reminiscent of the howling female interludes in Pink Floyd's 'The great gig in the sky'. So crammed full of false starts, sideways turns, dance floor moves and crushing crescendos, this is positively bursting at the seams with ideas that it struggles to be contained within its three and a bit minutes. In fact check out the remixes for more ways to skin the same cat.

Unlike some re-releases Bathroom Gurgle fully deserves another airing, its rhythm will take up residence in your headspace for days, its melody will dance you into submission before leaving you a gibbering, sweaty drunken mess on the floor. Another reason why you should get your hands on their debut album, 'Fantasy Black Channel'. LOTP display so much promise, the ability to delight at every turn, even surprising themselves at times, so you have to wonder where they will go on album two? Wherever it is we'll be tuning in.