Hell featuring Bryan Ferry - U Can Dance

Rhian Daly 09/03/2010

Rating: 2.5/5

Anything with the words “featuring Bryan Ferry” on is going to have me interested. That's just a fact of life, like summer follows spring and no matter what measures you take your hair will always be some kind of gravity defying mess when you wake up. So when this here promo CD fell out of the envelope of goodies sent over to me from GIITTV towers, you can imagine the pleasant surprise I had.

You see, Bryan Ferry is something of a hero. From Roxy Music to the solo warbling, I can find merit in all of it. And I'm not going to lie, when U Can Dance reaches 0:19 and that familiar silky voice sings “It was the mambo talking” with the same quiver that characterises classics like Virginia Plain, a massive chill went right up my spine. In some contexts, it is slightly disturbing that anyone should get so excited hearing Monsieur Ferry dropping pick up lines in the form of song ( par exampler “Do you come hear often?/Do you wanna play?”), but then just before this he says he's been “raving through the night/looking for some company”. If the image of Bryan forlornly having it large in some club filled with people half his age doesn't make you feel a little bit like you want to give him a cuddle, you are dead inside.

All this aside though, what would this be without that glam-pop pioneer? An average dance track that might get you going when you've had a few but otherwise has no longevity or real interesting points. Not even a remix by the wonderful Simian Mobile Disco could transform it into anything anyone would get especially excited about. Just as well DJ Hell's got Bryan's number then, really.

Release Date: Out Now