Theoretical Girl - It's All Too Much

Emily Tartanella 24/03/2006

Rating: 4/5

Her name is Amy Turnnidge, but she goes simply by Theoretical Girl. And thank god for that. By taking the mundane and twisting it into a synthy, glamorous mess, Theoretical Girl (like her musical sibling Ladytron) has hit something big. A mix of minimalism and arty sensuality, “It's All Too Much” has a pounding bassline that inspires either dancing or a jerky facsimile thereof. She coos as coyly as a robot could, giving the whole thing a brooding aura that, while not being novel, still allures.

The superb “I Am Theoretical Girl” comes along in a monotone like Ian Curtis on estrogen, chanting “I'm a formula…I don't exist in the physical world.” Brilliant. The remix strays further into Devo and dance territory, never ignoring the power of Amy's sweetheart vocals. With Cut Copy's beats and a heart of glass, Theoretical Girl is far more than equations and numbers; she's a pop sensation in waiting.