Love Is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up

Georgie O'Toole 30/09/2006

Rating: 1/5

There's some quiet hype around Swedish 5-piece Love Is All. I don't think they justify any of it, but they are developing something of a cult following, and have sold out practically every date they play in the good old US of A. They're the type of band you'll either love or hate, and in fairness to them, their music seems to be very much subsidiary to their live show and doesn't particularly lend itself to recording.

This is seen, or rather, heard, quite clearly on 'Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up', a clich├ęd tale of those doomed relationships you just can't seem to get out of. It sounds exactly like an Arcade Fire reject, with vocals that are just to harsh on the ears to actually harbour any affection on behalf of a listener and is musically boring where the Arcade Fire are at least vaguely interesting. I would not advise listening to this unless you're fond of self-torture.