Zico Chain - These Birds Will Kill Us All

Craig Broad 00/00/0000

Rating: 3.5/5

For me at least, alternative rock music has hit abit of a brick wall with English bands wanting to sound like American bands and American bands happy to succumb to label pressure in becoming more commercialised. Half the problem is, you either have bands too eager to write that chorus that will blow people away or you go to the other end of the spectrum, where bands scream their way through songs in an attempt to challenge people, none of which impresses me at all.

It is lucky for me at least that i've heard Zico Chain and their new EP "These Birds Will Kill Us All" who are modern enough to be deemed alternatively cool, sounding like Thirty Seconds To Mars mixed with Seether but adding an oldschool eighties rock sound that has led to Slash calling Zico Chain his new favourite band.

Lead track "These Birds Will Kill Us All" showcases Zico Chain at their best with the vocals teetering on the brink as Chris Glithero whispers and then shouts his way into a catchy chorus that borders between Alexisonfire and bands like Three Days Grace. On the other side of things "Daycase" shows Zico Chain in a sing-along punk mood and while to me, this is the weakest track on the EP, it is always nice to hear bands trying new things.

Zico Chain aren't the most ground breaking band on the planet but they do an alternative rock thing better than most bands are doing these days and they have reignited an ounce of faith for alternative music in me.

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