Butcher Boy - Fringe Benefits: Another Fine Cut!

Clark Summers 11/02/2007

Are you constantly moaning about the state of indie (TM)? Are you on the look-out for a new band to cherish with all your heart? Enjoy the early works of Stuart Murdoch and co? Well then, you need to acquaint yourself with the delightfully twee pop stylings of Butcher Boy. If there's any justice in this world then they'll be the name on every bloggers lips by the end of the summer. Their forthcoming debut album (due out on How Does It Feel To Be Loved? early next month) should be a scorcher if this animated video for "Girls Make Me Sick" is any indication. Remember kids... you heard it here first-ish (I actually picked up on this band via The Guardian and The Bowlie Forum so I can't take all the credit).

Order the album "Profit In Your Poetry" on the How Does It Feel To Be Loved? label on Monday 5 March 2007:

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