Lost Alone - Unleash the Sands of all Time

Matt Harrold 03/12/2006

Rating: 2/5

There's a million and one ways to make a bad first impression. Number 1,423 would be falling flat on your face in front of that girl you've secretly liked for the last six months, but haven't had the balls to tell her. Whilst 298 is the classic of not realising your flies are un-done with your boxer shorts showing through. Of course with the release of Lostalone's 'Unleash the Sands of all Time' the boffins at the University of Life will have to revise this to a million and one ways. It's the sound of the Vines musically challenged younger brother thinking "Hey it doesn't look that hard" and picking up their guitars to bash out a throw back to 2002's stable of rock clones. It attempts to soar but promptly remembers the laws of gravity (no song without grace shalt gain flight), slamming back into the ground with all the grace of a humpback whale, mainly because of Mark Gibson's muddy vocals. Although he does manage to produce the occasional impressive yelp it's more a case of "What the hell is the man singing?” Mix in some ho-hum lyrics and you've got a tune that'll probably stick to your wall next to all those other crap CD's you thought were a good idea then stick in your head.