Termites - Less Is More EP

Emily Tartanella 28/11/2005

Rating: 4/5

Bouncier than Paul Smith on crack, the “Less is More” EP by the Termites packs a definite pop-punk punch. Like the Pixies combined with the current Leeds music scene, Termites are swarming with potential. Fuzzy-chords and complete and utter insanity are the background for this three-song collection, decidedly deranged in all the right ways. Opener “Less is More” could make Frank Black surrender, while the quieter “Lighten the Load” could be fey-punk for the new generation, featuring completely out-of-place but brilliant harmonica playing. “Boltgun” vaults from hyper-kinetic Sonics punk to spacey Floyd prog. Now that's a single. In short, brilliant, mental, dangerous to public consumption, etc.