Mystery Jets - Diamonds In The Dark EP

James McDonald 16/09/2006

Rating: 4/5

The latest release from everyone's favourite Indie noise-makers, 'Diamonds In The Dark' has been eagerly awaited by many, myself included, and if we doubted otherwise, it fails to disappoint. The EP features a newly recorded version of 'Diamonds In The Dark', along with a version by Kid Harpoon, as well as two other new songs. So why has the gamble to re-produce an already classic song paid off?

Well, the title track is a shining example of why so many of us have fallen in love with this band; a combination of cleverly crafted and quirky sounds coming together to create an anthemic produce. Despite already being a stand-out track on 'Making Dens', MJ's current album, the moment the chorus kicks in with the line 'Looking back now I regret, your promise that I never kept', you realise once more, the true potential of such an exciting band.

And this trend continues without exception through the remaining minutes. 'Scarecrows In The Rain' is the first of the 'new material' on this EP, and it's fast-paced, bluesy theme reinforces the ecliptic mix of jagged riffs and smooth lyrics we've come to expect from the Mystery Jets, all with perfect aplomb. Similarly with 'Scarecrow', another fresh tune, this time a cleverly blended cocktail of new-wave rave and pop mastery.

The concluding track is a fantastic inclusion to the EP. It's probably worth buying the release just for this, Kid Harpoon's beautiful take on the flagship song, 'Diamonds In The Dark'. His voice, it's strange to say, adds more poetry to the already tear-jerking lyrics, which altogether gives that little bit extra to the song.

The release could just as easily be a single and three Bs, although the decision to distribute in an EP format is another educated one, because in the fastest 17 minutes of your life, the band successfully provide an insight into the core of their music; what they're capable of producing and how easily it shits on everything else within the genre.