Coldplay - Talk

Jennifer Roberts 19/02/2006

Rating: 3/5

Three, it's a magic number. This is their third release from their third album, the multi-platinum 'X&Y' and I needed three times to listen to it before I finally caved, and gave it its due.

On first play you might try to file it with all the other singles produced by this behemoth of music force, the second you'll start to hum along, perhaps sing a few lines (You can take a picture of something you see/In the future where will I be) and then the third attempt kicks in. What could have remained a poor man's version of a Kraftwerk sample, it escalates rapidly from a mediocre radio-filler to a complete unit which requests more appreciation. Up there for all to secretly enjoy, Chris Martin and co. do wonders with rhythmic chiming guitars and atmospheric synths.

Altogether now…One. Two. Three: 'Computer Love, Computer Love' (repeat to fade). Lucky for them, this equation works.