Foreign Office - Leaving The House/Voices

Owain Paciuszko 11/05/2010

Rating: 3/5

London quartet producing electro dance music with one foot in 80s alternative nightclub favourites release debut double A-side. Opening with Voices there's a wealth of squelch and slinky bass to be had in amongst the driving beat, but it's a touch anonymous with no real hook to speak of, and the addition of Paul Cousins' lead vocals doesn't add much of a structure to this track.

Fortunately Leaving The House has a retro swagger that seems to nod towards Black Tie White Noise Bowie as much as it does Hot Chip, it's all funky bass grooves and playful movements between the keys and guitar. Meanwhile, James Woodley's drums are a vibrant heart-beat keeping your body moving throughout the track, and, better still, Cousin's lead vocal is assured and compliments the music perfectly.

An uneven see-saw then, but on the strength of the latter track Foreign Office are capable of bringing the danceable in a big way.