Cajun - Raven

Russ Essom 07/02/2007

Rating: 0/5

Keywords? Well, let me give you a few of the words that entered my head most often on listening to this monstrosity:
Mr. Oizo
Cowbells, why?
Gay Bar
Put your hands up…
For Detroit
Turn it off.
Oh, for the love of God… stop it.

Okay, rant over, perhaps I am being unfair, but if you had sat through 22 minutes of actual pain, brought on by “music” constructed during what I can only assume was an accident between a computer and keyboard then perhaps you would be ranting, too.

Perhaps, if you had no idea what trance music was supposed to sound like, you'd like this, but I do know that, and I don't like this. There is no sense of direction, no story, no feeling given by any of the drum sounds, the beat is too weak and rhythm is, frankly, a chore.

However, for comedy value, or upsetting the neighbours, there is no finer CD.