Guillemots - Kriss Kross/ Clarion

Alex Skinner 21/10/2008

Rating: 3/5

Sounding devilishly over-produced Guillemots creep back in the frame.

Having a talent for stiring up emotive songs, they may be trying too hard for this latest work as their lyrics in Kriss Kross do not head in any real direction. What it does leave space for is great music that changes, floats, dangles in a varied upbeat, melodic way. They have mad skill for the musical build up.

Clarion swells the same direction musically but, again, tries too hard to hustle together powerfully meaningful lines such as "It's like covering a bird in solid steel" or even "Like swimming in oceans of clay".

You set me alight with such deep simile work. Deeper than the depths of a deep…deepness, and with the variation of sounds: even Oriental tit bits are thrown in for free.

You dance around with those sounds, you crazy Guillemots.