The Hedrons - Be My Friend

Georgie O'Toole 19/07/2006

Rating: 3/5

The Hedrons press people describe the group as 'an all girl rock band with bite'. In truth, they're more like an all girl rock band attempting to bite, but only managing to lightly nibble.
Clearly influenced by the likes of The Slits and P J Harvey, they fall short of anything above 'average' in a song which could easily be a product of their numerous peers trying to bring about the grrrl-rock revolution, such as The Suffrajets and The Donnas.

Musically, there's nothing wrong with them. Soaring guitar twists and typical femme-fatale tunefulness. Uninspiring lyrics and the generally unremarkable nature of 'Be My Friend' are what holds this song back, and the 'ah-ah's' that form a Shampoo (remember them? Exactly) - style lyrical backbone don't help either.

Neither offensive or explosive, this is a song which could easily become background noise to those edgy teen dramas chock full of angst and vapid camera angles which channel 4 are so fond of currently.