Ghosts - The World Outside

Bill Cummings 13/06/2007

Rating: 2/5

I'm fully aware that whatever I write on this screen,(tap tap) Ghosts new single “The World Outside” is inevitably going to be a chart “hit”: it probably already is. But here's my parting salvo: it's like much of the current playlist on Bland FM where the DJs sound as predictable as the bland music on offer. It's not that Ghosts' new single is unspeakably bad: sure its catchy, choppy glacial pop chords and floaty reminiscing melody is initially diverting: but it just sounds unremarkable, like a melody you've heard over hundred times before: pilfering and repackaging the work of ELO and The Lightning Seeds for 2007. Fellow purveyors of the sun kissed jangle and Americana melodies: The Delays must be cursing their luck right now having produced two albums of superior quality only to be largely ignored. I guess it's just a case of right place right time for Ghosts.

“The World Is Outside” so desperately wants to emulate the wistful Jazz pop power of Guillemots but it's more like the musical candy floss; tastes sweet on first impact but quickly dissolves leaving only a sickly taste in your mouth: ultimately this is so lightweight that on my tenth listen, once it's finished I struggle to remember it.