Camel One - Where You Going To Now?

Matt Churchill 03/08/2007

Rating: 4/5

Camel One are an anarchic four-piece from Watford who have been attracting industry interest, playing sell-out showcase gigs for the likes of Fierce Panda with their 60's driven indie power pop. Brothers Dave and Chris Chanell, Pete Durant and Rich Iles are leading a mini revolution in their hometown, who've relied on the Razorlight-supporting Mohair to carry the baton for the last five years.

Their debut EP has caught the attention of Xfm's John Kennedy who has given airplay to the lead track, 'Where You Going To Now?'. A Hammond led intro makes way for a staggered and raucous two and three quarter assault on the ear drums in a nearly-but-not-quite ska cum Libertines way. The up and up 'Lonely Eyes' is a bombastic example of the variation in the foursome's songwriting, sounding like Polytechnic on a day out to the beach.

'You Should Be Told' sounds like something off the Dublin Castle's jukebox, a swinging sixties London-esque stomper which features a particularly hypnotic bassline and Keyboard intertwining. The final track 'Too Much To Say' is a lively assault, which is a confident mod swaying food stamper, demonstrating another side to the band's songwriting ability.

This is a mature effort from the down-to-earth quartet who will be looking to build on their successes so far and make the big breakthrough that every band craves. Hectic touring has honed the band's live instinct and they are a group not to be missed over the next 18 months.