Keane - Bad Dream

Paul Cook 22/01/2007

Rating: 3/5

Having been stamped as an indie-Britpop track, 'A Bad Dream' has a nostalgic 'Hopes and Fears' feel to it, lyrically and musically. Provocative and gentle, the 6th and possibly last single release from double-platinum selling album 'Under the Iron Sea' is a soft and serene track of simple instrumentals and typically softer Chaplin vocals.

'A Bad Dream' is a part adaptation of W.B Yeats 'An Irish Airman Foresees his death' and the sentimentality and feelings of the poem shine through the single. As for the other tracks on the release, Keane's cover of the Cult's 'She Sells Sanctuary' is lively yet electronic rendition with Chaplin adding his own spice to the vocals. The less said about track three the better, a techno remix of 'A Bad Dream.' Utter dross.

Reverting back to their old piano-led ways, 'A Bad Dream', released on January 22nd, sounds much more like the Keane we know than previously released tracks from 'Under the Iron Sea.' The electronics and use of synthesizers for much of the album has disillusioned some Keane fans and created some new ones. It is a refreshing and powerful Keane ballad that will please the fans from earlier years.